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12 January 1964 - Sunday Night At The London Palladium, London. This is the Beatles second performance at the famous show, which was broadcast on national (BBC) television.

First visit to France

15 January 1963. Almost as soon as they arrived in France, the Beatles gave a private concert for other artistes at the Cinema Cyrano (or Cyrano Theatre) in Versailles, close to Paris.

16-27 and 29-31 January, 1 - 4 February 1964. Olympia Theatre, Paris. During this period the Beatles gave a series of concerts at Paris's Olympia concert hall. Trini Lopez and Sylvie Vartan performed alongside them. We note that one of the three shows performed by the Beatles on 19 January was broadcast on the French branch of the radio station Europe No. 1. This broadcast could also be heard in Great Britain. We should add that the Beatles were not particularly well known in France back then, and Beatlemania was only gradually infiltrating the country at this point. As a result, the Beatles were met with a lack of enthusiasm which would have been impossible in, say, Sweden. However, it was felt that with their visit to France, the Beatles had succeeded in laying the foundations for French Beatlemania.

The first (familiarisation) visit to the USA

On 7 February 1964, having flown in on PAN American's flight no. 101, the Beatles are greeted enthusiastically at New York's airport, which had only recently been named John Fitzgerald Kennedy (JFK) airport, first by journalists and then (inside the airport building) by as many as five thousand fans (!). It was at the PAN American zone that they gave their famous press conference, after which even those of prejudiced views changed their opinions of them. After the press conference, the Beatles went to the New York Plaza hotel at which they had earlier booked a room, and then got to know New York and gave a few more interviews.


8 February 1964 - New York. This is the Beatles' first rehearsal before performing on CBS's TV programme The Ed Sullivan Show.

9 February 1964. On this day, the Beatles gave an evening performance on CBS's TV programme The Ed Sullivan Show, watched by 73 million (!) viewers, making up 60% of the entire population.

10 February 1964. Beatles press conference at New York's Plaza Hotel.

11 February 1964. The Beatles take the train from New York to Washington because there was a real ? [sic] that day and all flights had been cancelled. Meanwhile, the Beatles had to make it in time to perform at the Washington Coliseum. Over 3,000 wailing, screaming, crying and laughing fans were awaiting their arrival by train at Washington's Union Station in Washington. The Beatles gave a press conference there and then. All this confusion meant that the start of the concert at the Coliseum, where 7,000 fans were already waiting for them, was slightly delayed. But it all turned out fine and the Beatles gave their first "live" vast concert in the USA which was, by the way, taped by CBS TV and was soon being shown at local cinemas.

12 February 1964. Carnegie Hall, New York, New York State. On this day, there were two Beatles concerts, prepared by the American impresario Sid ? [sic] and greeted enthusiastically by American fans.

13 February 1964. Miami, Florida. The Beatles fly into Miami for their second appearance on The Ed Sullivan Show. Over 7,000 enthusiastic fans were waiting for them at the local airport. The four then went to the Deauville hotel, the equivalent of New York's Plaza Hotel. Until 16 February, the Beatles relaxed, rehearsed, met journalists and fans, went on visits, swam in the ocean, and, of course, had more rehearsals.

16 February 1964. Мiami, Florida. On the CBS TV's evening programme The Ed Sullivan Show, broadcast from Miami's Deauville hotel to 75 (!) million viewers, the Beatles again produced an excellent performance, which had virtually every newspaper in the USA in transports the next day when journalists described their own reactions to it!

22 February 1964. After a rest following their second performance on The Ed Sullivan Show, the Beatles returned to Great Britain. Around three and a half thousand fans greeted them ecstatically when they returned to London's Heathrow Airport.

Throughout March and April ?.?. [sic] whilst recording new songs and records and shooting new films, including their first documentary feature film A Hard Day's Night, the Beatles gave countless interviews and received literary awards - on 23 April, John received an award for his first book entitled In His Own Write.

26 April 1964. New Musical Express Poll Winners Concert, Empire Pool, Wembley, London. This Beatles performance is recorded by the ABC-TV company and shown to British TV viewers in the programme Big Bear`64.


10 May 1964

Three concerts in Scotland

29 April 1964. ABC Cinema, Edinburgh, Scotland: One concert

30 April 1964. Odeon Cinema, Glasgow, Scotland: Two concerts

... More new LPs, E.P.s, singles, interviews, shoots ...

31 May 1964. The Beatles launch a series of concerts, ? [sic], NEMS Enterprises entitled Pops Alive at the Prince of Wales Theatre, London.

The Beatles First World Tour

(4 June - 10 November 1964)


(Denmark, The Netherlands, Hong Kong, Australia, New Zealand)


4 June 1964. K.B. Hallen, Copenhagen, Denmark. Here, the Beatles give two of the first concerts of their First World Tour, and, for the first time, play without their drummer, who had unexpectedly fallen ill ? [sic]. He is temporarily replaced by another drummer - Jimmy Nicol.


5 June 1964. ZAAL Treslong Studio, Hillegom, the Netherlands. The Beatles are filmed on a television show for Dutch television (VARA Broadcasting Co.) called The Beatles in Netherlands, shown here on 8 June 1964, and repeated again on 18 June 1964.

6 June 1964. Blokker Veilinghal (Auction Hall), the Netherlands. The Beatles give two concerts here, one of which is filmed.

The next day (7 June) they fly to Hong Kong.

9 June 1964. Princess Theatre, Kowloon, Hong Kong. Here the Beatles play two shows.

10 June - the Beatles fly from Hong Kong to Darwin, Australia, arriving on 11 June. The Beatles then fly from Darwin to Sydney, where they stay at the Sheraton hotel, holding a press conference there. They are airborne again the next day, this time travelling to Adelaide.

12 - 13 June 1964. Centennial Hall, Adelaide, Australia. On both these days, the Beatles give concerts for their local admirers. The concert of 12 June is recorded for Australian radio.

14 June 1964. The Beatles fly to Melbourne, where they hold a press conference. The very next day over 250,000 (!) fans gather outside the hotel at which they are staying to pay homage to them.

15 - 17 June 1964. Festival Hall, Melbourne, Australia. This day marks the return of the recovered ?[sic] Starr. The Beatles give two concerts every day. On 16 June the Beatles do a video recording for Australian television, shown to local viewers on 1 July 1964, entitled The Beatles Sing For Shell. On 18 June the Beatles fly to Sydney again.

18 - 20 June 1964. Sydney Stadium, Sydney, Australia. The Beatles are very busy on each of these days, performing twice a day. On 21 June the Beatles fly to New Zealand, where they also receive a very enthusiastic welcome. Here the Beatles also give two concerts at concert venues in the following cities:

22 - 23 June 1964. Washington Town Hall

24 - 25 June 1964. Auckland Town Hall

26 June 1964. Dunedin Town Hall

27 June 1964. Christchurch Majestic Theatre

28 June 1964. The Beatles fly from Christchurch to the Australian city of Brisbane, where on 29 and 30 June they give two concerts.

1 July. The Beatles again fly from Sydney, via Singapore and Frankfurt am Main (West Germany) to London, touching down at its airport on 2 July.

12 July 1964. The Hippodrome Theatre, Brighton. The Beatles perform together with The Fourmost and another group, introduced by Jimmy Nicol.

23 July 1964. Opera House, Blackpool. Yet another Beatles performance.

Mini-tour of Sweden

28 - 29 August 1964. Johanneshovn Isstadion, Stockholm

During the two-week tour, the Beatles give two concerts per day.

Concerts in England


2 August 1964 - Gaumont Cinema, Bournemouth

9 August 1964 - Futurist Theatre, Scarborough

16 August 1964 - Opera House, Blackpool. By the way, The Who, who had previously been called The High Numbers, featured on the bill alongside the Beatles here.

The Beatles First American Tour

(USA and Canada)

During this five-week tour, which took place from 18 August to 20 September 1964, the Beatles performed with Jackie De Shannon, The ?[sic] Brothers, The Bill Black Combo and The Exciters. The performances took place on:

19 August 1964 - Cow Palace, San Francisco, California

20 August 1964 - Convention Center, Las Vegas, Nevada (2 concerts)

21 August 1964 - Coliseum, ?[sic], Washington

22 August 1964 - Empire Stadium, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada (there is a bootleg recording of this performance called ? [sic])

23 August 1964 - Hollywood Bowl, Los Angeles, California (part of this performance can be heard on the album The Beatles At The Hollywood Bowl, 1977

4 - 25 August 1964 - free days

26 August 1964 - Red Rocks Amphitheater, Denver, Colorado

27 August 1964 - Cincinnati Gardens, Cincinnati, Ohio

28 - 29 August 1964 - Forest Hills Tennis Stadium, New York

30 August 1964 - Convention Hall, Atlantic City, New Jersey

31 August - 1 September 1964 - free days

2 1 [sic] September 1964 - Convention Hall, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (a recording of the show exists in bootleg form)

3 September 1964 - Indiana State Fair Coliseum, ? [sic] (two concerts), Indiana

4 September 1964 - Arena, Milwaukee, Wisconsin

5 September 1964 - International Amphitheater, Chicago, Illinois

6 September 1964 - Olympic Stadium, Detroit, Michigan (2 concerts)

7 September 1964 - Maple Leaf Gardens, Toronto, Ontario, Canada (2 concerts)

8 September 1964 - Forum, Montreal, Quebec, Canada (2 concerts). For the first time, one of the Beatles receives a threat! A maniac, and there's no other word to describe him, telephoned Ringo and threatened to kill him because of his big "Jewish" nose. Ringo interpreted this threat as a real one, but there was no way he could fail to perform at the concert. He was then placed under heavy protection. And everything turned out fine. Ringo Starr later said that he did indeed have a large nose but there was nothing "Jewish" in him.

9 -10 September 1964 - free days

11 September 1964 - Gator Bowl, Jacksonville, Florida

12 September 1964 - Boston Garden, Boston, Massachusetts

13 September 1964 - Civic Center, Baltimore, Maryland (2 concerts)

14 September 1964 - Civic Arena, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

15 September 1964 - Public Auditorium, Cleveland, Ohio

16 September 1964 - City Park Stadium, New Orleans, Louisiana

17 September 1964 - Municipal Stadium, Kansas City, Kansas. When the cities at which the Beatles would be performing were announced officially, the residents of Kansas City were deeply offended and saddened to find their city missing from the list. However, Charles O' Finley, the owner of the local Kansas City Athletics baseball club and stadium swore that, come what may, he would bring the Beatles to his home town. He began following the Beatles when they arrived in America, accompanying them to all the cities and asking Brian Epstein and the Fab Four to return with him to his city. At first they refused, but when the dogged Kansas man promised to pay the Beatles 150 thousand (!) dollars for one, just one, show in Kansas City, Epstein gave in. This is how the Beatles came to include the glorious Kansas City on their list.

18 September 1964 - Memorial Auditorium, Dallas, Texas

20 September 1964 - A charity performance at the Paramount Theater, New York,

21 September 1964 - The Beatles go home

The 1964 British Tour

The Beatles' support acts on this tour were Mary Wells, Tommy Quickly, The Remo Four, Michael Haslam, The Rusticks, an instrumental group called Sounds Incorporated, and MC Bob Bain. The shows were held on:

9 October 1964 - Gaumont Cinema, Bradford, Yorkshire

10 October 1964 - De Montfort Hall, Leicester

11 October 1964 - Odeon Cinema, Birmingham, ? [sic]

13 October 1964 - Wigan

14 October 1964 - ABC Cinema, Ardwick, Manchester, Lancashire

15 October 1964 - Globe Cinema, Stockton-on-Tees

16 October 1964 - ABC Cinema, Hull

19 October 1964 - ABC Cinema, Edinburgh, Scotland

20 October 1964 - Cairo Hall, Dundee, Scotland

21 October 1964 - Odeon Cinema, Glasgow, Scotland

22 October 1964 - Odeon Cinema, Leeds

23 October 1964 - Gaumont State Cinema, Kilburn

24 October 1964 - Granada Cinema, Walthamstow

26 October 1964 - Hippodrome Theatre, Brighton

28 October 1964 - ABC Cinema, Exeter

29 October 1964 - ABC Cinema, Plymouth

30 October 1964 - Gaumont Cinema, Bournemouth

31 October 1964 - Gaumont Cinema, Ipswich

1 November 1964 - Astoria Cinema, Finsbury Park, London

2 November 1964 - King`s Hall, Belfast, Northern Ireland

4 November 1964 - Ritz Cinema, Luton

5 November 1964 - Odeon Cinema, Nottingham

6 November 1964 - Gaumont Cinema, Southampton

7 November 1964 - Capitol City, Cardiff city, Wales

8 November 1964 - Empire Theatre, Liverpool

9 November 1964 - City Hall, Sheffield, Yorkshire

10 November 1964 - Colston Hall, Bristol

24, 26 - 31 December 1964 - Odeon Cinema, Hammersmith, London

In addition to the Beatles, the Another Beatles Christmas Show concert programme also featured The Yardbirds, Jimmy Saville, Ray Fell, The Mike Cotton Sound, Freddie And The Dreamers, the instrumental group Sounds Incorporated, Elkie Brooks and Michael Haslam.

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