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1-16 January 1965. The Another Beatles Christmas Show concert show is continued at the Odeon Cinema, Hammersmith, London.

18 February 1965 - Marietta Hotel, Obertauern, Austria. This was an improvised private Beatles concert at a party to celebrate the birthday of one of the film crew involved in shooting the Beatles film "Help!". (Here's an interesting detail: It was here on 18 March that the Beatles performed their only live show in Austria. The thing is 18 March was the birthday of an assistant of Richard Lester, Mr Reed, and the film crew decided to celebrate it. They partied all night long during which time the Beatles played for two hours, singing their own songs as well as well-known songs such as "Summertime". Whilst they were playing a woman complained about the noise but was immediately invited to join the impromptu concert/birthday celebration and, believe it or not, she accepted.

Do you know that John Lennon later regretted having announced to Her Majesty that because of the position of his song "Cold Turkey" in the hit parades, he would be returning his MBE, unlike Paul, ? [sic] and Ringo, who kept their awards.


11 April 1965 - Empire Pool, Wembley, London. The Beatles perform at the New Musical Express Poll Winner's Concert", broadcast on ABC-TV on 18 April 1965 in the 85-minute programme Poll Winner's Concert (Big Beat ‘65).

The Beatles First European Tour


20 June 1965 - Palais Des Sports, Paris, France (2 concerts)

(The first concert was recorded by the radio station Europe 1 on 27 June 1965; the two concerts were shown on French television)

22 June 1965 - Palais d'Hiver, Lyons, France (2 shows)

23 June 1965 - Velodromo Vigorelli, Milan, Italy (2 shows)

25 June 1965 - Pallazo Dello Sport, Genoa, Italy (2 shows)

27 and 28 June 1965 - Teatro Adriano, Rome, Italy (there is a bootleg version of this show) two shows per day

30 June 1965 - Palais des Expositions, Nice, France

2 July 1965 - Plaza De Toros de Las Ventas Monumental, Madrid, Spain

3 July 1965 - Plaza De Toros de Las Ventas Monumental, Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain

The Beatles Second American Tour

(USA - Canada)

The Beatles were supported on this tour by The King Curtis Band, Cannibal And The Headhunters, Brenda Holloway and the instrumental group Sounds Incorporated.

13 August 1965 - JFK Airport, New York.

This was the day on which the Beatles held what was then the biggest ever show in the USA for which, officially, only 56,000 (!) tickets were sold. A documentary filmed of the show was shown in the USA on national television on 1 March 1965. There is also a reasonably good bootleg version of this concert.

7 August 1965 - Maple Leaf Gardens, Toronto, Ontario, Canada (2 shows)

8 August 1965 - Atlanta Stadium, Atlanta, Georgia

9 August 1965 - Sam Houston Coliseum, Houston, Texas - 2 shows (there is a bootleg version of both shows - daytime and evening)

20 August 1965 - ? [sic] Sox Park, Chicago, Illinois (2 shows)

21 August 1965 - Twin Cities Metropolitan Stadium, Minneapolis, Minnesota (there is a bootleg version of this show)

22 August 1965 - Memorial Coliseum, Portland, Oregon (2 shows)

23 - 27 August 1965 - Free days, during which the following takes place:

The premiere of the film "Help!". In the USA (23 August), the new record released by the group Byrds (27 vm 1965 [sic]) appears in the recording and a little later on the same day there is a visit to the residence of Elvis Presley located in his own large private residence in Beverley Hills, where the Beatles had a jam session with the legendary king of rock ‘n' roll, playing some of his songs. We should add that to date nothing is known of the fate of this historical recording.

28 August 1965 - Balboa Stadium, San Diego, California

29 - 30 August 1965 - Hollywood Bowl, Los Angeles, California (Seven numbers from these two concerts were published on side two of the album "The Beatles At The Hollywood Bowl" (1977)

31 August 1965 - Cow Palace, San Francisco, California (2 shows)

1 September 1965 - The Beatles return to Great Britain

The Last British Beatles Tour

(3 - 12 December 1965)

Supporting the Beatles during this tour were The Moody Blues (a group which featured Denny Laine, - a future member of Paul McCartney's group Wings), The ?[sic], Beryl Marsden, Steve Aldo, and The Paramounts (who would later become the famous Procol Harum)

3 December 1965 - Odeon Cinema, Glasgow, Scotland

4 December 1965 - City Hall, Newcastle, ? [sic]

5 December 1965 - Empire Theatre, Liverpool (this is the last "live" concert given in their home city)

7 December 1965 - ABC Cinema, Ardwick, Manchester, Lancashire

8 December 1965 - Gaumont Cinema, Sheffield

9 December 1965 - Odeon Cinema, Birmingham

10 December 1965 - Odeon Cinema, Hammersmith London

11 December 1965 - Astoria Cinema, Finsbury Park, London

12 December 1965 - Capitol Cinema, Cardiff city, Wales

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