About The Beatles

The Beatles began performing in public immediately after they formed in the middle of 1956, when, as we know, they were known as The Quarry Men. Some may say that they were not yet The Beatles but were still The Quarry Men, and what's more that there was a pre-1956 model ... But we can go along with this. You see, the group was formed by John Lennon, who had also been the driving force behind The Quarry Men. Without Lennon's Quarry Men there would have been no "Beatles" either. Since we consider the solo records made by John, Paul, George and Ringo after the Beatles split up in 1970 and became soloists still to be Beatles records which we love, seek, find and cherish and put on one shelf together with the famous Beatles albums, it is also impossible to separate the original Quarry Men from the overall story of the Beatles as the story of Liverpool's Fab Four could not begin without them!

So, as I have already said above, the story of the Beatles began in the middle of 1956 when Lennon's The Black Jacks appeared, and literally within a week, changed its fairly menacing and unambiguous name - on the advice of his elders - to the name more suitable for members of the school-boy group from Quarry Bank High School - The Quarry Men in which, as time goes on, Paul and George will end up and remain forever, and which other important people, close friends and acquaintances of John, Ivan Vaughan, Pete Shotton and Colin Hanton, for example, will gradually leave. Several important years will pass until, after having renamed their group many times, John, Paul and George come up with the final name - The Beatles1 and will keep this name in the annals of world history FOREVER!2

Exactly. John, and not someone else who, thanks to his familiarity with the work of the talented Buddy Holly's American group The Crickets, thought up the name Beetles. John, as ever true to himself, removed the second ‘e' from this word and replaced it with an ‘a'. And this is how they ended up with The Beatles!
2 With, of course, Ringo Starr and Pete Best, as well as Stuart Sutcliffe!