Astrid Kirchherr

Astrid Kirchherr is a German photographer and artist, and is well-known for her association with The Beatles and her photographs of The Beatles while they were in Hamburg.

In 1960 Astrid Kirchherr met the Beatles when they had their first stint in Hamburg. After becoming friends she took impressive group photographs and single shots of The Beatles and their members who at that time still played with Pete Best instead of Ringo Starr and with Stuart Sutcliffe who left the group for taking up his art studies again in Hamburg and living with Astrid Kirchherr.

Kirchherr met artist Stuart Sutcliffe in the Kaiserkeller bar in Hamburg in 1960, where he was playing bass with The Beatles, and was later engaged to him before his untimely death in 1962.

After meeting Kirchherr, Lennon filled his letters to Cynthia Powell (his girlfriend at the time) with "Astrid said this, Astrid did that" which made Powell jealous, until she read that Sutcliffe was in a relationship with Kirchherr.

The Beatles met Kirchherr again in Hamburg in 1966, when they were touring Germany. Kirchherr gave Lennon the letters he had written to Sutcliffe during 1961 and 1962, and Lennon said that it was, "The best present I've had in years".

Kirchherr is credited with inventing the Beatles' moptop haircut, although she disagrees.

In 1964 Kirchherr became a freelance photographer, and with her colleague Max Scheler she took "behind the scenes" photographs of The Beatles during the filming of "A Hard Day's Night", as an assignment for the German STERN magazine. Harrison later asked Kirchherr to arrange the cover of his Wonderwall Music album in 1969.

In the 70`s and 80`s photography became less important for Astrid Kirchherr. The movie BACKBEAT (England 1994), based on Astrid`s and Stuart`s life in Hamburg, created a new interest for her photos. Astrid Kirchherr`s photos have been shown in Hamburg, Bremen, London, New York, Washington D.C., Tokyo, Vienna, and the Rock`n`Roll Hall of Fame.

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